Forsaken-"the Life and the Legacy"

The Forsaken, 13 of the strongest Aes Sedai from the Age of Legends who gave their souls to the Dark One in hope of immortality and power. For their treachery they were given new names in hate, which they accepted. The Shadow would have won and the Forsaken would have ruled the world forever if Lews Therin had not sealed them all with the Dark One. Throughout the Third Age, the age following their age, their names have been used to frighten little children at night. Yet they are not invulnerable, and with the rebirth of the Dragon, it is important to know the Forsaken. WARNING: the following has truth, but it has a little "improvisation." From the Worlds that are strong reflections of what may be...............
Aginor was among the strongest of the Forsaken, named after the Dragon and Ishamael. He was the genetic engineer of the Age of Legends. He created Shadowspawn: the Trollocs, the Fades, the Drakghar, the Grey Men, and Gholam. He experimented with live human subjects, mutating them into these new creations. His fellow Forsaken thought him insane when he created the Gholam. He was also extremely intelligent and he had what he thought was a good sense of humor.When he was sealed by Lews Therin, he was on the outer edge of the seal, and he was already extremely old at the time, so when he awoke he was an old, bent man. He was killed by Rand al´Thor at the Eye of the World while trying to gain its power. The Dark One recycled him into a strong Borderland body and renamed him Osan´gar, which was the name for a dagger during the Age of Legends. At this current point in time he is working with the Seanchan and gaining power through the Empress.
Asmodean´s original name was Joar Addam Nessossin. He was a great musician during the Age of Legends. When he pledged his soul to the Dark One it was because of the lure of immortality and endless ages of music. He is notorious for severing his own mother and handing her over to the Trollocs. At Rhuidean, as Jasin Natael, a gleeman, he was cut off from the Dark One and forced to serve Rand al´Thor, a job which he hated at first but which he started to take on willingly. The other Forsaken saw him a traitor, and he was killed by either Graendal or Mesaana on the order of the Dark One.
Only scraps from the Age of Legends tell about Balthamel. He was a great beautician, specializing in keeping faces young and beautiful. It was the lust for immortal beauty that lured him to the Dark One. Upon awakening from the seal he was killed by the Nym, Someshta, aka the Green Man. He too was recycled by the Dark One into the body of a beautiful Borderland woman. He was renamed Aran´gar, the companion knife to Osan´gar. The Dark One and Osan´gar both thought this as a great joke since they knew how much Balthamel loved beauty. Although in the body of a woman, he still wields saidin. She(I´m gonna use "she" now) joined the rebel Aes Sedai, at first companion to the Black Ajah member Delana Sedai, and later on to the Amyrlin Seat, Egwene al´Vere. As al´Vere´s assistant she gives brain washing massages to Egwene. Note:she freed Moghedien from her adam.
Be´lal was a very powerful internet service provider during the Age of Legends, so popular that he was termed the "Netweaver."-that is what Be´lal means in the Old Tongue. Be´lal was also a very skilled bladesmaster: he had a heron-marked blade. He went over to the Dark One because of his jealousy for Lews Therin, who was more popular than he was. After being freed from the Seals, Be´lal became went to Tear and took control of it, naming himself High Lord Samon so he could keep watch on Callandor. He had hoped to lure al´Thor to the Stone, so he could take Callandor, but in a battle with al´Thor he was balefired by the Aes Sedai Moiraine Damodred.
Demandred´s real name was Barid Bel Medar. He was born one day after Lews Therin. In everything, he was just below Lews Therin. Mesaana once commented that "almost" was the story of Demandred´s life. If not for Lews Therin, Demandred would have been the most acclaimed man of the Age of Legends. In his hate and envy of Lews Therin he went over to the Dark One. Many speculate if this was his only reason. He hated to be slighted. In the War of the Shadow, he captured two cities and fed every living person in there to Trollocs. He is the only male Forsaken left who has not tasted defeat at the hands of Rand al´Thor, preferring caution and reason. He is both a master planner and fighter. Currently he is posing as Mazrim Taim, M´Hael to the Ashaman, who he trains for the Dragon Reborn yet hopes to convert into Dreadlords. He has saved Rand´s life on more than one occasion already. He is Saldean in appearance-and he never smiles.
Graendal´s original name may have been Maisia. Shel was a great psychiatrist in the Age of Legends who could heal minds beyond others´ reaches. But, when she turned to the Dark One, she turned Compulsion to her own use and deliberately became the opposite of what she was before. She was one of the first to go to Shayol Ghul and she was the one who led Sammael. She has a great love for all things beautiful, and she "collects" the best looking she can find humans to use as servants. She is quite beautiful herself, though on the plump side. Her laugh is foolish but never to be taken lightly, as those who thought her foolish are all dead. In the Shadow War she killed children, calling it mercy. Currently, she has joined sides with both Demandred´s group and Sammael, though with Sammael´s recent loss it is doubtful she will stay in close contact with him. She continues to search for usable angreal and sa´angreal in her palace in Arad Doman.
Ishamael was Elan Morin Tedronai during the Age of Legends. He was the strongest of the Forsaken and second in channeling only behind Lews Therin. He was a great philosopher and theologian, who believed that the battle between him and the Dragon was to continue repeating until the Dark One won and broke the wheel. When all the others were sealed with the Dark One he was still partially free and could touch the world. He healed Lews Therin´s madness so that he could watch LT suffer. He was a frequent user of the True Power, which drove him to madness. He orchestrated the Trolloc Wars and kept constant watch for the return of the Dragon. Near the end of his life he lost it completely and thought himself the Dark One, naming himself Ba´alzamon, Heart of the Dark. It is assumed that he perished (he left a body, after all) at the hands of Rand al´Thor who was using Callandor at the time. He may have been reborn again as Moridin.
Lanfear was originally Mierin, a name which she now hates. Perhaps the most beautiful woman who ever lived she fell in love with Lews Therin, who turned away from her because he was disgusted by her lust for power. Ambition led her to turn to the Dark One, and ambition may yet turn her away. As a great channeler during the 2nd Age, (named ahead of Aginor in some minds), she, along with a man named Beidomon, broke the seal on the Dark One´s prison in search for the ultimate power. She hates Ilyena, believing it was she who stole away Lews Therin. Now she has transferred that love to Rand al´Thor, and has helped in many ways. (All to her own advantage as well, I might add). When she learned about Rand and Ilyena she lost it and tried to kilt her teach. During the War oas she controlled about the glories of the ts to kill those who could not keeTower, controlling it through Alviarin, Black Ajah leader anhe Chronicles.
Mesaana was a great instructor who wanted to do research at the best school, Collam Daam. In response to her rejection, she turned to the Dark One, and taught those who did not let her teach. During the War of the Shadow she taught schools in the areas she controlled about the glories of the Dark One and encouraged students to kill those who could not keep up. She currently resides in the White Tower, controlling it through Alviarin, Black Ajah leader and Keeper of the Chronicles.
Moghedien, called the Spider by her peers, earned her name from hiding in the Shadows and striking when the opportunity is right. She had a great love for Halloween, when she would let lose millions of spiders in every large city. Little is known about her, as she keeps all things she does secret. She is the most experienced in Tel´Aran´Rhiod, doing things even Lanfear could not match. In the current age she has developed an extreme hate for a woman named Nynaeve al´Meara, who has defeated her not once, but twice. The second time, she was captured with an a´dam and forced to teach Nynaeve and Elayne. After several months she was finally set free by Aran´gar and sent to Shayol Ghul, where for her weakness she was fitted with cour´souvra and handed over to Moridin, who she now serves.
Rahvin was the greatest ravisher of women during the Age of Legends. He was as handsome as Lanfear was beautiful. In his envy and hate for Lews Therin he went over to the Dark One. His hobby is finding the prettiest women around and having some fun with them. In the Third Age he took over Andor from Morgase, naming himself Gaebril, King of Andor. When al´Thor learned that Morgase had supposedly died at the hand of Gaebril, he attacked Camelyn and balefired Rahvin after a merry chase in Tel´aran´rhiod.
Sammael was the greatest of Telamon´s generals. His original name was Tel Janin Aellinsor. The more honors he received from Lews Therin, the more he hated him. He bears a scar on his face from LTT, a scar he could have removed but chose not to, so he could remember Lews Therin. He is short with blonde hair, and Graendal considers him handsome except for his scar. He took over Ilian once released from his prison. Rand came after him in Book 7, and he is assumed dead in Shadar Logoth, though that is highly unlikely because he was probably saved by Moridin, who could channel unsensed.
Semirhage was head of the Collam Daam Medical School during the Age of Legends. She healed what others said could not be healed, she brought more people back from the brink than anyone else. But she also like pain, and giving it. Her experiments were controversial, and the Hall of the Servants took advantage of that to have her binded. She refused, and instead fled to Shayol Ghul as one of the first. After swearing her soul away she became the exact opposite of what she was before, giving pain, learning how to torture people. In the Shadow War she tortured an entire city, breaking thousands, just to show that she could do it. In present time her location is a mystery known only to Mesaana and Demandred.

Blatantly ripped from the made by Wayne.

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