What is it

Qwrap is a frontend to dedicated Linux server v1.06 (the output is different on older quakeversions). It can take input from both stdin and from a user defined file (fifo). It also parses the output and appends it to the defined files, supporting qranking.

  • Resolves ip-address appending the hostnames in the modified status output.
  • The names of the players are differentially colored on the console.
  • Writes out the death events of every player and their cause.
  • Supports a banlist containing playernames or hostnames.
  • Supports registered playernames by qnick, validating the name with the ip-address/hostname.
  • Disallows changing of names, if the new name is registered.
  • Autokicks ´unconnected´ and players with ascii characters <= 32 and >127.
  • Autokicks mass-suiciders.

How does it work

Qwrap starts xquake with the options defined in the ini-file. It parses commands given either through the console, or those written to the fifo-file. Thus the serveradmin does not have to be at the console to give xquake commands. To start Qwrap we use doprog (here is a copy of our binary) in order to start it on a specific tty. The only argument is the [path]ini-file.

New features added in version 0.42bx

Administrators (and others) can connect to qwrap via tcp-port 14242 with telnet or with a dedicated program. All commands to the server has to be given with a slash (´/´) first on the line. Qwrap commands are given with colon (´:´). Support for qw status reports finally added (not very well tested yet). The output is not as clean as it used to be.

New features added in version 0.41

Finally uses the "kicking by number" introduced by Quake 1.06 . Sometimes it pays off to read the manual.

Where can I get it?

Attention! Use at your own risk.

Check our download-page to get the latest version. To download, press [shift]-key while klicking on the link.

Note! You need to edit the ini-file to fit your settings.

Future changes / wishlist

  • Support of finger-service

Any suggestions for these programs can be written to with the subject: Qwrap.

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