What is it

Qranking is a combination of a Quake-C hack and a perl-script. Using these programs the admin of the server can extract data and generate statistics in html-format. Much like the QLogger made by Finnish Addicted Quakers. Indeed the QLogger inspired us to use Quake-C as an extractor of data. The early versions parsed Playmate´s output.

How does it work

With the Quake-C hack we extract data of various events from the game, such as who fragged who etc, to the console of the dedicated server. The server can either run with the -condebug, which pipes the console text to a file, or with the Qwrap, as we use on our server, which also adds the timestamp for every join and part event. The script then, depending of the flags given to it, will either update the ´this month sofar´ pages, or create a new statistics homepage and archive the precvious top40-page. The script also creates a sorted list of players according to their ranking. This file is used by Qwrap.

The current script accept only one flag, -m(onth). When used with this flag, the script assumes.

This all requires that the dedicated server is runned on a Linux.

Where can I get it

Check our download-page to get the latest version. To download, press [shift]-key while klicking on the link.

If you want to find the changes in client.qc, search for the ´qranking´ string. Also it is required that you know at least some perl, since you must tweak it to fit your system. And of course the standard disclaimer of using these programs is applied.

future changes

  • Making the perl-script more versatile, by adding flags for various functions. This includes giving it multiple header & footer files for different statistics-pages.
  • Making the script more modular

v0.42a: Now the unregged player, whoever he may be, will be treated as a regged, by the name ´player´. The name is a variable in the script tho so you can change it without too much prob.

Any suggestions for these programs can be written to with the subject: Qranking.

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