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05.01.1999 - Huo
The Forsaken challenged us for a nice little friendly clanwar on urda. The game ended 588 to 64. THX TF for good practice.

04.01.1999 - Huo
New year and new Clanwars. This time against Clan Vallasherra. Game ended 71 to 248 to CVH.

18.12.1998 - Huo
tVS challend us to celebrate their 100th. clanmatch. Proud of this honour we tried our best, but they are still better. The game ended 589 to 130.

26.11.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against NF. This time we played on INET\´s server. Final result was 452 - 122 to NF.

28.10.1998 - Huo
We have new members, Suffel (Axel Toivonen) and Bjorn (Björn Forss) Wellcome!

07.10.1998 - Huo
Clanwars against tVS and Zetor. tVS gave us a hint of what was coming by taking a minor victory. (546 - 206) It is always a plasure to play against tVS. Finally Zetor crushed us 570 - 28. ;(

23.09.1998 - Poltsi
Qranking is now in public beta-state, and the registered names/stats will hereafter not be wiped out. You can register your clan as well as your nick, and after a game check your score. There are also a (semi) secure version for qnick and qclan. The ranking is updated every 15 minutes, and more features/news/faq\´s can be read from here
Questions/suggestions can be directed to

12.09.1998 - Poltsi
Added 64 MB memory to the server for a total of 96MB.

07.09.1998 - Poltsi
Finally found out what ailed the server (urda7 that is). Apparently our crappy motherboard (cheap) didn\´t like the netcard. While running an ancient RH 4.2 it had a serious limp, and as we uppgraded to 5.1 it puked its guts out after some heavy net-traffic... We will be back online asap (~end of the week).
PS. If someone feels like donating a mobo (eg Asus T2P4) feel free to contact me:

25.08.1998 - Poltsi
QRanking 0.50 Beta Release Candidate 1 is now in function and logging the QW server @ The results can be seen on the Quakesort-pages Note! As it is, no new names can be regged, but old (pre.1998-2) still works. I\´m currently monitoring the well-being of the DB as well as scanning for any additional, nonwanted features of the interfaces. The DB will be emptied of the beta-stage logging once put into final version... have fun

11.07.1998 - Poltsi
Put up a reqular DM QW-server on port 27500 on urda7. The settings are:

  maxclients 10
  maxspectators 3
  deathmatch 3
  teamplay 0
  timelimit 20
  fraglimit 30
  sv_aim 1
  samelevel 0
  noexit 2
  watervis 1

26.04.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against tVS. After our last battle didn\´t know what to wait. Well tVS is still better, but we have improved our playing a lot. Game ended 485 to 219.

23.04.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against NF. It was a fun game. The game ended 181 - 388 to NF.

05.04.1998 - Huo
Our first challenge of this year. We chose TF as our opponent. Well they were quite nice to us, so the game ended 459 - 234. (TF won :)

26.03.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against DopE. We got our asses kicked wreally bad. The game ended 592 - 44. ;(

18.03.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against CoD. What a game! Altough we lost again, it was our best play of this year. Thanks CoD! (The game ended 178 - 101)

05.03.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against CC. Yet a another loss, this time we were beaten 243 - 97.

04.03.1998 - Klonk

Qranking is dead - long live qranking!

The qranking hasn\´t been working very well. The Qwrap running our vanilla-server won\´t be announcing any rankings for joining players. No ranking will be calculated for the web-pages either. Maybe we get a Quake2 ranking in the future - who knows?

26.02.1998 - Huo
Clanwar against LGoTS. This time we had a plan, but got our asses kicked anyway ;( The game ended 101 - 338. But we had a lot of fun, thanks LGoTS!

22.02.1998 - Flu
Do you find standard quake boring? Suffer from post-traumatic stress? Well, why not give our deeply disturbed qw paintball server a try? Get the paintball mod at your favourite mirror site or grab it from

20.02.1998 - Poltsi
Q2 point-release is out. Check our download-page

18.02.1998 - Poltsi
Noticed that the was broken (again) should be fixed now.

16.02.1998 - Poltsi
The player-database went kaputt _again_ as the server crashed on 14. of this month. Restored the newest available, which is from... 14.2.

03.02.1998 - Huo
Æsir:s first clanmatch, for this year, was fought against the The Viper Squad. This was a replay, due to our victory in the last round. This time we were beaten. (154 - 718)

31.01.1998 - Poltsi
Made a list of clanmatches which are to be held on Urda7.

24.01.1998 - Poltsi
Yes, you guessed it. The ranking dropped again and I rebuilded it manually. Some player-positions changed, but only slightly. The problem _seems_ to be a hardware-related. Everyone playing on our server knows that it does pretty frequently reboot, but as this happened almost exactly a month earlier too, some suspicion is also directed at weird cron-scripts... Anyway sorry for the problems...

19.01.1998 - Poltsi
The running maintaince of the clan-pages is turned over to AE_Huo. All kudos and typos goes to him :)

Ok, the Linux Quake II version 3.10 is out. Only prob is that it runs at 100% all the time, so it\´s only 1 server per machine :(
Anyway Zoid promised a fix RSN, so hold on to your breeches.

Right. Pr00ned away some \´features\´, and the rankings are done, all the way since the server started. Remember though: The recreated db-files are roundabout 10x larger than those done on registered players, so sorting them takes a while...

Another year...
Started to recreate the old rankings... Sofar it seems that an Alpha is _somewhat_ faster than a P200 ;)
The new (old) database-files will be popping up to the Quakesorter dropdownlist as soon as I have recreated them, and made a cursory check. Note! since we don\´t have the registered names from those months, all names will be used as registered. This means that the db-file is _somewhat_ larger than the new ones, with more than 1k logged playernames.
Finally, I made the old news into own pages, one per year, ahhh... memories :) Does anyone remember the Amish clan? Apparently we had a clan-match with them... and that was well before QuakeWorld. I only left some recent news from \´97 on this page, since they still contain important news.

To answer those who have wondered about Quake II. We will probably start a server as soon as a version for Linux comes out. Whether the current server remains is still unclear. This depends alot of what the QII requires. We will notify as soon as anything happens...
Merry X-Mas

The cause was not the db emptying itself, only an effect among others... The real cause was the deletion of the file containing all the registered players on Urda. There is an old version of the file whose date is unknown :(
Thus I urge everyone to register their playernames again, and at the turn of the year a new qranking-list for december will be created along with the earlier.
In other words there will now be a new ranking list for this month, containing the frags from now on, but at the rebuild this will be merged (and recalculated) with the data earlier this month.

20.12 1997
Great, the database decided to reset itself... damn!
A new will be generated asap

Qwrap is back on the download page. Check out the amazing features of version 0.42b4!

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