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To answer those who have wondered about Quake II. We will probably start a server as soon as a version for Linux comes out. Whether the current server remains is still unclear. This depends alot of what the QII requires. We will notify as soon as anything happens...
Merry X-Mas

The cause was not the db emptying itself, only an effect among others... The real cause was the deletion of the file containing all the registered players on Urda. There is an old version of the file whose date is unknown :(
Thus I urge everyone to register their playernames again, and at the turn of the year a new qranking-list for december will be created along with the earlier.
In other words there will now be a new ranking list for this month, containing the frags from now on, but at the rebuild this will be merged (and recalculated) with the data earlier this month.

20.12 1997
Great, the database decided to reset itself... damn!
A new will be generated asap

Qwrap is back on the download page. Check out the amazing features of version 0.42b4!

Announced date of release for Quake II is now december 9'th. For North America that is. European release date is still unknown :(

q2test-i386-unknown-linux2.0.tar.gz aka. q2test for linux, hooray!

The new hardware has been installed, and the server _should_ be up and running as usual. If interested, check out the details.

New hardware for the server should arrive tomorrow, so there will be a (hopefully) short maintainence break starting sometimes in the afternoon, lasting 'til midnight.

As of today we're also running a temporary teamfortress server at urda7, so come along, join in the fun and meet similarly uninteresting people!

There was a clanmatch between Æsir and the Winged Viper Clan which we won 319-228. Also congrats to Zolo for winning the tilt quake tourney. There will be another, bigger one, starting in jan-feb.

Apparently we also have a QuakeWorld running on Urdsgjallar. This is temporary (will probably disappear within a few weeks), but feel free to try it out. Also just want to remind you all, that if you need a server for your clan matches, mail us and we'll reserve the server for your use. Currently looping the qcup22 level made by AE_Walkman & AE_Macloud.

New highly magical smoke inserted into the quakeserver. Should run a bit faster, now with 16 players!!!!! Aa....mazing ;)

Ooops, we (as in Poltsi :) blew the magic smoke out of our quake-server Urdsgjallar. Should be repaired "soon". In the meanwhile you can try playing Quake per email ;)

A preliminary betaversion of quakesort has been done.

Only 2 months 2 Xmas =)
Perunamuusi wanted you all to know, that he and his clan Nucking Futs has compiled a ranking based on the deathmatch-logs played on the Tilt server.

Quake II test is out!

Shot the old links-page since there was a lot of old links. Instead put in some fresh ones, and cut down the amount considerably.
The QTest2 will perhaps be out this weekend according to Zanshin :)

Fuck this for a flying lark! Just another proof of how well the cursed M$ porrgram behaves under 'heavy' load

  traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
     1 (  350.365 ms  283.564 ms  364.213 ms
     2  * (  759.986 ms  695.029 ms
     3 (  678.862 ms  744.426 ms  718.080 ms
I bet some hapless user is trying out the 'new improved' Internet Exploder 4.0 and now floods the net with clueless http-request. My left buttcheeck!
Yes, I know I may be barking up the wrong tree, but it's like spanking a really big monkey ;) - Poltsi

Some of you may already have noticed that we now use the revis'ed maps on our server, which means that a player using the GLQuake will be able to see artefacts (other players, weapons, ammo etc...) through water. On the other news, we still seem to be fishing...

To register yourself to the MTV3-server go to the register page. Note! this is only for finnish players.

The server became tired last night, and went to sleep. should be running again. On the other news, there will be a major lan-uppgrade on TF, which means that will last a few days, during which neither our Quake-server, web-pages, nor the statistics will be accessible. The uppgrade is scheduled to begin at the end of next week.

25.8.1997 [QTV]
Klaanillamme ei enää ole mitään tekemstä kyseisellä projektilla. Kaikki tiedustelut voi lähettää Petri Teittiselle,

Clan Aesir is no longer in the quake-tv-project. All questions about the quake-competition on television should be directed to

21.8.1997 [QTV]
Jahas, koulun koneet näemmä toimii taas... eli kysymykset tuosta QTV'stä osoitteeseen

19.8.1997 [QTV]
Väliaikainen osoite on jonne siis voi lähettää kysymyksiä tosta MTV3 keikasta.

Joo... selvennys tuohon eiliseen...
Matsit pelataan tiistaisin joista tehdään kooste joka muun tilpehöörin kanssa (haastattelut sun muut) lähetetään lauantaisin. Lähetysaikaa en tiedä. BTW tämä tiedotus siirtyy MTV3'lle heti kun ohjelman sivut saadaan aikaiseksi.

Tyypilliseen Murphy-ilmiö: koulun koneet ovat offline, joten ei toimaa :(

Just a clarification... The program will not show the whole 2 hours game online, only a roundup, with high gib content :).
The machines at the school are offline, so no mail to is received (typical Myrphy phenomen :(

The following concerns mostly finnish quakers, so the detailed explanation will be in finnish. A short summary in english will be added to the bottom of this 'newsflash'

Eli MTV3 aloittaa uuden peliohjelmaan syyskuussa, jossa pelataan Quake'a seuravasti:
MTV3 pistää pystyyn DM-Quake-serverin (ei QW) joka on yleisessä jaossa, eli kuka tahansa voi ottaa yhteyttä siihen. Kuvauksia varten serverille pääsee vain rekisteröidyt* pelaajat, jotka rekisteröimällä sitoutuvat tulemaan seuraavan kuvaukseen studiolle, mikäli sijoittuvat ensimmäiselle tai toiselle sijalle riippumatta siitä pelasiko hän edellisen myös studiossa :). Kuvaussessio, ja matsi, kestää 2 tuntia, ja sijoitus katsotaan yhteenlasketuista frageista. Sessiot olisivat jokaviikkoisia, toistaiseksi puhutaan 10'tä osasta syksyllä, ja mahdollisesta jatkosta keväällä, ja alkaisivat syyskuun alussa. Ilmeistesti ohjelma ei ainoastaan olisi tuon sessiopelin näyttämistä vaan myös haastatteluja, ja eri versioiden esittelemistä jne...
* Rekisteröinnin yhteydessä pyydetään yhteystiedot, ja se tulee verkkosivuna a'la Qnick. Osoite ilmoitetaan ASAP.

Niin, ja ensimmäiseen osaan halutaan muutama (~4) klaanihenkilö puhumaan klaani-ilmiöstä, joista 2 pelaa ensimmäisen rundin studiolla. Kiinnostuneet voivat meilata minulle:
Jos kysyttävää, niin samaan osoitteeseen.

Jotta ei nyt tulisi älyttömästi turhia meilejä, niin totean seuraavat asiat. En tiedä tässä vaiheessa mitään mistään palkinnoista (Andy Warhole: 15 min ehkä?). Miten ne muut 14 pelaajaa valitaan (nopeat syövät hitaat?) tai miksi DM.

Right, a short description :) A national (finnish) tv-company, MTV3 will start sending a game-program, where two contestants will play Quake (DM) in the studio on a public server filled with other finnish players. All players will have to register prior to the match, and the two top players are obliged to be at the studio next time the show goes off (weekly), hence only finnish players can register. No prize-Ferraris, only 15-min fame :). Besides the match itself there will be interviews, presentation of different Quake-flavors and whatnot. Both server and registration-page will be announced asap.


One year since this site were started, yippee!

FYI our clan is on summervacation 'til late september, so hold those challenges...

As some of you may have noticed, the Qranking doesn't work anymore. Thanks for this goes to Poltsi, who succeeded to alter the quakesort-script, without taking a backup. Please remind him of this 'good' deed with a rocket. Funny enough this happened just before he was forced to make a trip back home.

The qranking fingerservice was offline for a while. A more secure version is now in use.

The reason to the absence of Playmate was simple. He was off to the Americas, working as a secret tactical advisor for Mr Deep B, who as we all know fragged Mr K real good!

Right, a totally insane thought has hit us. We are prepared to host a party at the concrete version of Urdsgjallar located in Espoo. We would like to know how many are interested to participate and meet fellow finnish quakers. The event would be purely a social happening, not a tournament due to insufficient hardware, and it would happen on the second weekend in June (7.6). What we provide is:

  • A roof over the head during the the party and after.
  • Sturdy concrete walls, this place still stands after a *WILD* party...
  • Beverages for sale for thirsty campers (*MUST* be over 18 years old).
Of course if quakers outside Finland are interested in participating they would be considered honorary guests. Feel free to spam this piece of news on relevant quake servers and irc-channels.

Changed the sys_ticrate to 0.05 from 0.1 on our server, which seems to have taken some of the jerkiness away. Even some modemplayers said that the game is better now, go figure... Also the player database is now updated every 20 minutes. PS Has any1 seen playmate, his parents are worried. Please contact the local authoritives if you have any information about the missing person.

Ok, after killing some more critters residing in the Ranking system, we regenerated the statistics for this month. Now, what we need is some smart feedback about what should be included in the sorting criterias.

Squashing a few bugs, resulted in a reseted player database, so all you fragbaits get another chance...

Ok, the qnick-qwrap *seems* to work, so the registration can commence. Just be sure to use * as masks, especially if you connect via a modem bank. Those belonging to a clan, can put their clan email, if they so desire...

The new qwsv seems to be stable enough, but because it has a weird dprint (everything was written to the client console, *not* to the server console, we wont be using that. Instead we now run unixded, with the qwrap, and the new quakesort, which replaces the old serverlogs. This all is still much under construction, so expect bugs (and report them, thnx) in the new logs. Oh, yes, and the old player registration file is *poof* gone. Do NOT register yet, since the qwrap doesn't support the new registered-file format.

We are testing the new qwsv on our server, which is why the normal is not in use this weekend.

Ummm, because it happens to be a national 'every-student-should-drink-as-much-as-possible'-day, the new qranking will be published 'a few' days later :) Remember, don't use the RL while you drink, swallowing a rocket is a painful experience! Klaara Wappen, o' samma suomeksi!

Had a match against WeW, Lost 137 to 131.

A rematch against the Swedes. Got beat up again 1982 to 1656. Perhaps next time ;). On the other news, forgot to mention that qranking has been online for some time now. Do remember that we will be deleting all registrations at the turn of the month, so if you want to be listed after that, reregister yourself after 1.5 00.00 am.

The new ranking system can be previewed here.

Got the server back online. The qranking is still of though.

The motherboard is dead, so there will be no quakeserver, until another one is donated.

*Sigh* just as the gateway seems to have come back online, the server dies :( :( :(. No cause is jet established, but there is heavy suspicions of a late motherboard. Any contributions helping the situation are appreciated.

All nicks must be reregistered next month. This is due to the large amount of redundant nicks registered now, and the additional information(valid email, real name) we want of each nick. Moreover the ranking-programs will change somewhat. our wish is that one user register only one (as in 1) nick. If you feel compelled to play under another name, don'register it. If the database grows too much due to multiple nicks, we will be forced to renew this action.

A match between Finland and Sweden was fought on a QuakeWorld server. Flu and Rive represented our clan on the Finnish side. Sadly we lost the battle 1457-901. On the good news, the old gateway was restored, and it *seems* to work better.

Still no cure for the freezing of the server :( An educated guess is, that the gateway, which has a atm out to the rest of the world, while the intranet is at the end of an ethernet, dies, when trying to stuff 115 mbit/s (or whatever the atm is) to 10 mbit/s ethernet. In the meantime try using FAQ's server at for LPB's, or for HPB's

Still no cure for the occasional freezing of game for those connecting from outside the trinet ( or We suspect it is a devious plot of the lan-admins, who plan to take over the 'top 40'-list. Speaking of which, there is a new qranking version, which now puts the unregged players as regged player by the name... 'player'. We also changed the values of each weapon. Here are the new values

    Axe - axe 4.0
    SG - shotgun 2.0
    SSG - supershotgun 1.4
    NG - nailgun 1.5
    SNG - supernailgun 1.3
    GL - grenadelauncher 1.2
    RL - rocketlauncher 1.0
    LG - lightninggun 1.1
    TF - telefrag 0.4
    SC - suicide 0.0

Anyone playing outside the trinet (local net), may have suffered of a massive packet loss, which symptoms resembles those of ping flooding. This is because the gateway-software changed from something good to a M$-nt :-[ Yet another proof. Admins claim that netplay is the reason... go figure. Anyway, this prob is outside our grasp. Finally made the report-page of HQC challenging us, which ended in our victory 98 - 188

Another fingerservice! Try 'finger'

After some time, our list of clan-pages works again, as the original page, from which this is derived, is up again.

The fingerservice is now more verbose. Use finger to get some central statistics. The last field (gain) shows the points/frags-ratio. Ax-murder highly ranked players to increase your gain.

Any person using the stooge-bot, hacked or unhacked, or other similar proxy-bot, on our server will be banned. Both his playername and the client ip.

You can finger the ranking with: 'finger'. For example try this, as an example of imbedding the finger in your web-page.

The server went down last night because of hd-error. Donations of any sum are appreciated ;)
Later Well the server should be up again, as i seems to have been suffering from some broken inodes.

Hoho! got tired of all those pay us to increase the load of your server-arsholes. People like this should not be allowed to breed. Even if the 'two-bricks'-method were to be used.

Not that I want to sound like 'I told you so', but... there now seems to 'exist' in a Client side bot, or rather cyborg, that works the reflexes for you. Right, great, and as it has been made public, a group of lame-ass quaker-wannabees have hacked it not to respond to the usual 'no bots' command (no suprise). Just what we wanted. Dogs you can trust sometimes, cats never, and humans... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
On the bright side, its less than 10 months to xmas - Poltsi

At last, some joy, as we took a fast rerun with the NOCY, and won with 111 - 153. Time to have a beer ;)

Another battle lost, this time to Marduk, who spanked us 255 - 210.

First match this year against NOCY, which we lost. Final score 373 - 329, buhuu!

The new ip-adress for our quake-server is The servername ( is the same.

Created the ban-list-page. It contains the names / hosts currently banned as well as the reason. The page is for the moment updated manually, but a script will do it regulary RSN.

10.2.1997 ( this was written in the past )
Both our quakeserver and TF´s www-server changes IP-numbers at 10 am. Probably nothing will work for a while.

Qwrap reached v 0.41

Those of you players, who got less frags on the statistics lists than in Quake, a possibility is that you have killed people with spaces in their names. this is a bug in Quake 1.01 which allows space in a name.

It seems that another way to distort the statistics of this server is to play team with someone else, backing up, and not killing each other. Especially on small levels the pair can keep the rest of players underweaponed, picking easy kills. No more of that. Since most of the 'customers' playing on our server are lone wolfs (or wolfettes in some case), this restriction is well motivated. Any teamplayers will be banned from now on, for a undefined period.

There will be a major change of the subnet ip-adresses, so connecting to our server with the ip-adress will not work, currently we don't know the adress, but we'll inform as soon as the information is available

The player database has been regenerated from the qwrap-logfiles! You can stop holding your breath now. ;)

23.1.1997 later
Qnick barfed on qranking, and as a result the player database was emptied :( This is not a _major_ problem (Javahead :), since we have the original log files. The problem _should_ be fixed during the weekend.

qnick reached v.14 and now supports logging.

This server was down for some time last night due to a uncooperative scsi-card. This haven't still been fixed, instead another machine does the serving. There will be random breaks in the near future, that will affect the qranking pages, but not the quake-server.

Well, there was a small problem with the qranking pages, but that is hopefully fixed now, and the older pages will be linked again at the turn of this month. For your pleasure, the December links have been put back manually.

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