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Made qwrap source code available for download at the Qwrap page.

Added a quul button to the serverpage.

Played a screwedup match against Lagitus which we won 233 to 31.

Updated the quake-server to 1.06 (Thanks Linus!). The qranking is now up to 0.40, with some new ways to count ranking, partially based on AxuRanking. Also the qwrap now works only on the aforementioned 1.06 version of quake.

The KI match ended sadly to their victory, 198 - 118.

The match against VV went a little better, result VV 170, Æsir 202.

New dates were set for both the VV ( friday 29.11 ) and KI ( saturday 30.11 ) fights, hopefully no cancellations this time.

Moved the link-page and made a clan-page due to the enormous amount. The clanlink-page is updated automagically from the list on ClanRing. So if you want a link to your clan-page here, add it to the ClanRing.

The web-server was down due to a uppgrade of OS. Hopefully everything works now. On the other news, both the clan-match against ´Vicious Vikings´ as well as ´Killer Instinct´ were cancelled due to the opponents ´lack of time´ :(

Qwrap has now reached version 0.40. It now works better :-)

Qranking has now reached version 0.35. Bugfixes and general code-cleanup. Together with a hack in client.qc, qranking now supports time online and statistics based on this.

Got to the news again. This time the PC-Format has a screenshot of our homepage on the December issue 63 on page 29, where they discuss the QuakeWorld.

Made some new graphics for all the pages. These look somewhat better than those replaced ( =more bandwidth :). Also found this little article. Pity, that they don´t mention the ip-address of the server at the beginning of the article ;)

Challenged by FAQ we had a Clan Wars battle, which, alas we lost 299 to 126. Damnit damnit!

Challenged by CMC, and lost the battle :(

Has been challenged both by SPG and Deimos. The SPG match, though short (only e1M1) was won by us (of course). On the server side, due to the amount of different playernames, only those who have registered their names will be on the ranking list. The registration is up and running, and will be in effect starting October. And of course the link page

The qwrap is up to 0.39. This version supports a ban-list of playernames.

Minor changes, changed the Ae to Æ as it should be written. Will soon make the logos also. Also there are more links added to the link page.

Silence for some time. Anyway we have been challenged both by Amish, with whom we had a small skirmish already (there were others on the server at the time), and Napalm Death with whom we had a small battle. Result: Napalm Death 124 Æsir 167. Not bad. If you didn´t notice, a challenge page has been added.

New logo on the homepage. Renewed the formula for calculating the fragratio on the ranking lists. Now the player rating is more based on skill than earlier. Added top suiciders to statistics. Finally the last visit datestamp was added to total ranking list

Added even more links. The Qranking is up to 0.28. Sorry to say, the playmate-team have been busy cracking more information about the protocol, and not documenting it. Reorganized the ranking page

Yes! got the Registered Quake. Will be on our server. Created software page, where all programs, hacks and scripts made by us are described. Added the Qwrap-page to the software page. The binary of Qwrap is available. Updated the perl-script to v.27. Oh yes, updated again the links page.

Added the Qranking-page. Updated the perl-script to v.24, to create several statistics, such as bottom40, all ranking, winners and exiters.

Added the top40 player-pages for our server Urdsgjallar, which contains monthly statistics. The pages are made by some tweaking of QuakeC and a hairy perl-script. This work was inspired by QLogger made by Finnish Addicted Quakers. Both the altered client.qc as well as the perl-script is publically available, and as it is, still a beta, the perlscript needs some heavy modification, as almost everything is hardcoded. This all requires, that the dedicated server is runned on a linux, and that its output is piped to a file.

Added some more links. Man are there clans!

No news with the Playmate-bot :( There are some other bots public, made with qc. Have to check them.

Updated the link page. A major number of Clans were added.

Updated the Playmate page, as we received an answer from id, conserning the publicity of the protocol. The bot page will be updated shortly.

Was added to the id Clan page.

Proud to present Æsir´s quakebot, Playmate. Can be found at our server,

Updated the links-page again.

Updated the server to 1.01 Shareware.

Updated the links-page. New clans and editors.
News from id tells, that John Romero is leaving the company. For more, check Stomped.
Oh, yeah, still no logo made for this page. Probably due to lost inspiration.

Well, the small tournament we had with Empire of Azeroth on our server showed at least one thing. Arranging one demands organizing! A program like iFrag for DooM could be a nice thing. The clan members would gather up, to a irc-like mode, choosing color etc, after which the game would then start.

The tournament itself went well for us, mostly because we were three (Poltsi, Rive and Valheru) against two (Lionheart and Streedor). They received additional help from Azatoth who happened to visit our server. Also the lag was affecting, ours <100 against their >300. Oh well let´s see how we fare at their server :)

Opened this page.

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