The Hacker-chopper

The Hacker was made in summer '95 under two intense evenings in Mike's welding laboratory, where he, intoxicated by the welding gases formed what he had seen in his dreams. The chopper would have an extremely long front fork and a frame resembling a real chopper. It also would have a backrest, and all metalparts were to be painted ferrari red except the fork which would be Gipsy-chrome. The seat would of course be beige. In other words, a real low rider

Later it has been discovered, that Hacker resembles very much the Chopagator built by C.H.U.N.K, and we believe that this is a result achieved by two separate developements, which both have found the ultimate form of the pedaling world.

Mike Missile and Hacker

Unlike the Gobble-chopper, Hacker is made mostly of new square pipe which connects the rear triangles to the steering column and pedals. It has the seat in front of the back-wheel, which makes the fork flex more because of the rider's weight. This makes the ride very smooth.

The combination of a backrest and pedals moved to the front gives a feeling of a recumbent, and extra torque is won this way. Unfortunately during the making of the bike a slight miscalculation has led to the fact, that the rider must be at least 1.85 m long to comfortably pedal, although David has come up with a 'David-extendo'-module, which in praxis is a styrene-piece placed between the backrest and the short pedaler. Using this module endangers severely the family jewels, and the possible user is advised to not apply it if possible.

The extremely long chain consists of 3 normal bike chains

The frame was painted and assembled, as usual, at David's 'out-door-workshop', where it came clear, that the fork-construction had to be changed. At that point, the fork was straight without any rake at all, so steering was very cumbersome. Also the wheel took some damage from the increased axial forces, so much in fact that it had to be replaced later.

Here the design flaw of the extremely long fork can be seen

Kalkonklubben arranged fall '95 a bike-mantainence-happening at TF, which lasted for two days. During this, the fork was extended and the non-existing rake was increased. As a result the axle hub distance of Hacker is greater than that of Haice. It was also during this happening, that the rectumbent was built, under the supervision of the Kalkonmajor.

Mike Missile

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