Technical data of the Chopper

The GOBBLE-CHOPPER is a very-long-forked chopper made from two bicycle frames and miscellaneous other parts. It features an auxiliary refreshment unit, which can be quickly connected to the chopper, thereby also greatly increasing the stability of the compound vehicle.

Overall colour of the vehicle is non-glare black, but the front fork and the metal framework on the ARU are done with cheap silver paint (known as gypsy-chrome in Finland).

This picture depicts well the chain retention mechanism


Dead weight: 22 kg (1/3 on front wheel, 2/3 on rear wheel)
Front wheel size: 12.5 x 2.15 in
Rear wheel size: 16 x 1.75 x 2 in
Total length: 2480 mm
Axle hub distance: 2070 mm
Front fork length: 1090 mm
Minimum ground distance: 125 mm
Handlebar height: 1200 +/- 200 mm (also the maximum height)
Handlebar width: 650 mm (also maximum width)
Bottom bracket height: 480 mm (center of cranks)
Seat cushion height: 530 mm (+ 70 mm: seat cushion thickness)

Gobble-chopper is equipped with pneumatic audio signaling device (PASD)
The host bike is a standard finnish "Tunturi Poni", a unisex bicycle with a sturdy rear rack, which now acts as driver seat. The front fork tube has been removed in order to allow frame extension, and the single-tube frame has been reinforced with a heavy-duty steel pipe.

The frame has been extended with the front part from another finnish lady-cycle "Jupiter". The cranks on the host bike have been removed to allow the driver to fully extend his/her legs. This chainwheel now serves as chain guide, and can be utilized as auxiliary power outlet. The donor bike´s cranks are now in use, and the chain is twice the length of a standard chain.

The fork is a typical extendo-fork (non-BMX-model) made from two donor forks and a suitable length of furniture steel.

The chopper-style handlebars are equipped with support for miscellaneous nifty gadgets such as Wunderbaum´s or Fuzzy Dize.

The seat is self-made from plywood, foam rubber and black arificial leather.

Auxiliary refreshment unit (aka Blackie) technical data:

Dry weight: 37 kg (w/o battery)
Refreshment capacity: 25 x 1/3 litre bottles
Total length: 1270 mm
Total height: 515 mm
Total width: 680 mm
Cooling system: SuperCool (tm) Peltier Solid-state cooler
Power source: 55 Ah, 12 V, lead-acid battery
Power consumption: 35 W

The auxiliary refreshment unit (ARU) is attached with a standard farm-tractor´s power outlet (See picture to the left). The quick release mecanism enables very rapid connections and disconnections of the ARU. It is welded to a rod, which is supported with two support rods, and connected with the ´Qwistis-weldless-method´. The Box itself is constructed of 50x50x5mm angle bars and plywood. The metal parts are painted with gypsy chrome and the plywood with non gloss black in the same stile as the Gobble chopper.

The ARU is equipped with a battery-powered Solid-state cooling device, which will keep the refreshments inside cool for more than 24 hours on a single charge cycle.

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